Unplastify and Potenciar launched the report “Unplastifying Actors in Latin America and the Caribbean”. The objective of this report is to generate a map of actors (organizations, initiatives and/or solutions) that addresses the problem of plastic, avoiding the use of disposable plastics from the design process and not in its post-consumer treatment.

The mapping has a total of 161 actors in 12 countries: 120 from the private sector, 24 individuals and 17 from the social sector. Most of the private sector players are small companies that offer products (reusable bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, etc.) to replace single-use plastics.

Nine of the 12 countries analyzed have regulatory frameworks that promote deplasticization. This reflects a favorable scenario for the change towards a more sustainable consumer culture. Environmental awareness and the rejection of disposable plastics is becoming stronger and stronger. Faced with this change in consumer preferences, reusable alternatives are multiplying.

There is still no common roadmap among the actors – which would allow progress in the same direction in an organized and efficient manner at the regional level. Although most of the surveyed actors have as their main strategy the reduction of single-use plastics and not their recycling, it is still not very clear where to direct the effort in terms of plastic pollution.

The diversity of actors and deplasticizing initiatives in the region is not accompanied by an articulation between them. Although there are a large number of actors, the solutions are not diverse. Of the 161 surveyed actors, 127 offer a service or product as a solution. These actors correspond to small enterprises that are not in a position to generate a systemic change. The possibility of scaling your projects in isolation is practically impossible.

“Unplastification is possible with systemic changes in the supply of products and services. We have a group of actors that reveal an incipient ecosystem that seems to grow over time, both in this region and in the world”, says Agustina Besada, co-founder of Unplastify.

Unplastify is a social enterprise, which has the mission of minimizing the use of disposable plastics in the world to combat plastic pollution and regenerate the oceans. Empower: Collective Impact Platform is a methodological and management platform that accelerates and increases the impact of collaborative and multi-stakeholder sustainable development initiatives.

The report is free to download and can be accessed at: https://www.unplastify.com/publicaciones

For inquiries on this topic, contact:
Rosario Medrano | Unplastify Laboratory Coordinator – ros.medrano@unplastify.com
Nicholas Russell | Communication Analyst Potenciar – nicolas.russell@potenciar.org

Source: inncontext.net 


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