The Virtuous Circles website was launched. A space for the promotion of integrity for SMEs, Cooperatives and Public Companies.
On this platform, SMEs, Cooperatives and Public Companies in the energy sector have free material and tools to develop their Integrity Programs in terms of the Law on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities, Law No. 27,401.
Poder Ciudadano invites you to work on this collective action so that, through individual efforts such as the adoption of an Integrity Program, and collaborative initiatives, it is possible to strengthen integrity standards in the energy sector.
The promotion of transparency and integrity policies in the private sector was, from its origins, one of the main lines of work of Poder Ciudadano, as well as the movement of Transparency International around the world.
The lack of integrity and transparency mechanisms in a company has a direct impact on its operation and competitiveness. The affectation is not only glimpsed within it, damaging its image and profitability, as well as those who direct and collaborate in the organization, its shareholders and customers and its value chain. In addition, it has an external impact on the market and on the communities in the territories where they carry out their activities.
In a scenario of growing expectations about the role of companies in society and in the industry, the demands regarding corporate integrity policies are becoming, or at least beginning to be, a requirement for competitiveness. The definition of the values with which the company guides its daily actions and the adoption of internal policies and procedures tending to put into practice or enforce those values, became relevant among the elements to be considered by investors, shareholders, customers and suppliers, financial entities, governments and other interested parties or stakeholders when choosing, or not, to link up with said company.
The Citizen Power report carried out within the framework of the Virtuoso Circles initiative shows that only 28.9% of the 152 private companies and Argentine cooperatives in the energy sector surveyed report on their websites having internal policies to prevent, detect and correct misconduct, through the incorporation of Integrity Programs. Most of the companies that have an Integrity Program are multinational and large national companies, since there is still a significant lack of knowledge about the current regulatory requirements and few advances are verified in the implementation of these Programs in smaller organizations.
In turn, only 6 of the 33 public companies or companies with majority state participation in the energy sector surveyed have anti-corruption policies (access the report on public companies here).
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