The Chilean startup HeyAndes, with the support of Corfo, the Municipality of Panguipulli, the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, TelSur and the University of Chile, launched the Marketplace that aims to improve digital literacy in an area that was little familiar with this topic and reactivate the tourism sector, which was greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The intention of the initiative is to connect, digitize and reactivate the tourism sector.

This program delivers digital transformation tools to the commune, through software with business intelligence, which allows digitizing the tourist offer of gastronomic, hotel, and adventure tourism companies, among others. The marketplace is administered and managed by the entrepreneurs themselves. It has a sales module, with national and international payment methods, and the incorporation of Google Analytics, where entrepreneurs can read the information that their website generates for their businesses, and thus increase the number of customers. Tour packages with flexible dates were created to make it easier for tourists.

HeyAndes works closely with the Municipality of Panguipulli and the Sietelagos Program to bring this tourist destination closer to the digital world. Panguipulli Sietelagos has an official website that the Municipality of Panguipulli, together with businessmen, groups and the community in general, promote Sietelagos as the destination that makes up various towns such as Coñaripe, Liquiñe, Choshuenco, Neltume, Puerto Fuy and the communal capital Panguipulli.

For inquiries on this topic, contact:
Romina Tricarico (RIL): romi.tricarico@admin



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