Fundación Vida Silvestre invites people and institutions from all over the country to participate in the 2023 Summer Safari, which will take place between February 3 and 6, to be part of a new experience to learn about Argentina’s biodiversity. This is the first edition of the Wildlife Safari 2023, the citizen science event of the ArgentiNat platform.

The proposal seeks that all people can connect with nature and collaborate as a team to be able to “take a photo” of Argentina’s biodiversity. During the four days of the event, the organization asks that people from all over the country take as many photos of flora and fauna and upload them to the platform. It is a survey of nature, on a national scale, participatory, among hundreds of people.

Those who participate will be able to know the name of any species they come across and keep a personal list of their observations during those days, which will be added to their personal records. At the end of the event, the collaboration between users from all over Argentina will reveal a sample of the country’s biodiversity and the data that is validated will be of great value for science and nature conservation.

The records obtained will serve to add observations to other projects managed by naturalists, conservationists and researchers from Argentina and the world.

In 2022, the Winter and Spring Safaris had the participation of more than 840 people in all the provinces of the country, who obtained more than 20,000 observations of 3,000 species in just eight days.

The Safaris will be repeated every three months, coinciding with the peak of the four seasons. In this way, at the end of a year we will be able to have a photo that is as representative as possible of Argentina’s biodiversity. The final results of the Spring Safari will be communicated as of February 20.

For inquiries on this topic, contact:
Mariana Lombardi (Wildlife): | +54 9 11 4406 3212



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