75% of the entrepreneurs in the City of Buenos Aires are between 25 and 45 years old, 95% reached the university or postgraduate level and 91% have previous work experience as a worker in a dependency relationship or in another enterprise. These data come from an investigation carried out by Brenda Margulis, Master in Economics and Territorial Development. The study was supported by the University of Cádiz and Banco Santander Spain.

73.7% of the entrepreneurs stated that the main barrier was the lack of financing, lack of profitability or high tax pressure. In this sense, from the Vint entrepreneurship they explain: “It is very complex to be a triple impact entrepreneur, the conditions in Argentina do not help the entrepreneur. For the impact to be real (on health, the environment, and economically), we need a volume that costs to build if the necessary financial, communication, and even legal support is not received, and in that sense the communities of entrepreneurs and the programs in which we have participated have been key”.

98.3% claimed to seek to generate social impact, but only 33.9% claimed to have measured it and 60% of them did so with their own metrics.

The four fundamental benefits most selected were: meeting and getting in touch with other entrepreneurs, having a mentor for entrepreneurship, access to financial resources and constantly being part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Strengthening triple impact entrepreneurs means strengthening strategic agents within the territory, which allow promoting socially responsible and environmentally sustainable development,” says Margulis.

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Source: inncontext.net


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