According to the WMO we will break the threshold of 1.5º C to 1.8ºC in the next 5 years. Then intercontinental structural droughts may occur. As a consequence, between 2 and 4 billion people can die of hunger.
Based on this information from we have decided to take action. We know that the political sector has not complied with its duties regarding the Global Climate Emergency. It takes 2 trillion dollars or 2% of global GDP per year to end the triple scourge of hunger, extreme poverty and global warming.
If our civilization, we, our children and grandchildren, all future generations can still enjoy a habitable and life-friendly planet Earth, it all depends on our acting now. How to do it? Mobilizing resources and concentrating funds from the private sector. We cannot afford to break the 1.5ºC threshold.
The effort will be great, we must all cooperate and work together in a coordinated manner. For this we are activating, inviting an alliance between banks, finance companies and investment funds to assume, together with us, the responsibility for saving the children of the planet and stopping global warming, while we still have a short time to do so.
We must go to zero net carbon emissions by 2030, not by 2050. Times have shortened. Depending on the emergency, we request that all responsible multinationals that want humanity to continue donate 50% of their annual net profits for 5 years, in order to face the emergency with sufficient resources.
We are facing a greater challenge than that represented at the time by World War II. We must all cooperate and help, our common survival depends on that.
We have organized the Gaia Team, a group of world-class environmental scientists, to issue a report on the next critical threshold of the climate anomaly. So that we all know how much time we have left and what we need to do next.


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